04 January, 2014

Math-Quiz.co.uk in numbers - a short summary of the year 2013

Beginning of the year, is the time when students receive summaries, ratings and reports based on the information collected from the previous year. And we are not an exception. We would like to demonstrate you how the year 2013 looked from our perspective as this year was rather significant for Math Quiz.
After a fairly quiet start in the year 2013, it was time for changes. An important goal of the Math-Quiz development that we have for set ourselves in 2013 was to change the layout of our website. The old layout still remembered the year 2010 and the times when the site started to operate. This change was a priority for us.

Finally, on July 22nd we have published the graphical changes . Lots of experiments with the arrangement of elements on the page. We took into account all your suggestions, because in all this redesign confusion, the user is the most important .

There were, of course, some concerns that not everything goes our way and we lose some visitors, but it did not happen, the change took place almost seamlessly, which resulted in higher customer satisfaction and increased amount of visitors on our website.

August 18th is also an important date for our portal, we introduced a Blog, for which you have been asking us practically every day. The aim is to keep you informed about the new products, updates, new developments, there were also mathematical puzzles.
The site also welcomed interesting modules. From the user point of view, the most interesting is probably the Most Active Users and The Best Mathematicians showing the users who have spend lotsof their time with us. This little plugin received positive feedback, so we decided to continue developing this module in the nearest future.

Finally,we present the promised numbers and stats ofthe year 2013:

  • number of users registered: 1265
  • number of math tests solved: 12274
  • the number of unique visitors to the site: 31 820
  • the average duration of avisit: 4min 30 sec
  • new fans on Facebook: 1 819
  • most popular tests: Basic Algebra 1, Basic Arthemtic 1, Fraction

That's it in the terms of a summary of this extremely long and busy year for us. We wish you every success in the new year, satisfaction from learning, successful tests, and not only in Mathematics. We wish you not to forget to check out for new tests on Math Quiz and s Math-Quiz will continue helping you to develop the necessary mathematical skills, as it did in the previous year:)

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