04 January, 2014

Math-Quiz.co.uk in numbers - a short summary of the year 2013

Beginning of the year, is the time when students receive summaries, ratings and reports based on the information collected from the previous year. And we are not an exception. We would like to demonstrate you how the year 2013 looked from our perspective as this year was rather significant for Math Quiz.
After a fairly quiet start in the year 2013, it was time for changes. An important goal of the Math-Quiz development that we have for set ourselves in 2013 was to change the layout of our website. The old layout still remembered the year 2010 and the times when the site started to operate. This change was a priority for us.

Finally, on July 22nd we have published the graphical changes . Lots of experiments with the arrangement of elements on the page. We took into account all your suggestions, because in all this redesign confusion, the user is the most important .

16 December, 2013


Thanks to our dynamic growth and development we are pleased to announce that we have launched a poll on our website.
The question is:

Which Mathematics section requires more tests.

We will be very thankful if you leave your vote in our poll. The poll will be open until the end of the current year. We count on you!

You can vote on the main page

01 September, 2013

First contest !


Tomorrow begins a new school year. We have a riddle for you to remindyou to properly set awatch . First three persons to give the correct answer are going to be awarded with a Premium account . And learning Maths will be easier. Here's a question:

I tried to fix aclock. Now, an hour hand works great, but the minute hand moves in the opposite direction at a constant speed, passing an hour hand every 80 minutes.

Question: If at 6:30 my clock shows the correct time, when will it show the correct time again?

Please leave your answers here or here. Winners will be contacted via e-mail. Good luck !
School is back!

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