01 September, 2013

First contest !


Tomorrow begins a new school year. We have a riddle for you to remindyou to properly set awatch . First three persons to give the correct answer are going to be awarded with a Premium account . And learning Maths will be easier. Here's a question:

I tried to fix aclock. Now, an hour hand works great, but the minute hand moves in the opposite direction at a constant speed, passing an hour hand every 80 minutes.

Question: If at 6:30 my clock shows the correct time, when will it show the correct time again?

Please leave your answers here or here. Winners will be contacted via e-mail. Good luck !
School is back!

18 August, 2013

Welcome to the Math-Quiz Blog


Welcome to the blog devoted to our website and mathematics in general. We will inform you about changes and new features introduced to our website, talk about interesting mathematical problems as well as write anything that is related to maths.

Please feel free to inform us about what would you like to see or discuss here. If you need any help just comment below this post

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