Test: Time, Distance, Speed - Ambitious

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Question 1:   Express 375 seconds in minutes
6min15 s
5min45 s
5min55 s
Question 2:   Express 480 seconds in minutes
7min30 s
6min50 s
Question 3:   Express 37 days 17 hours in hours
888 h
817 h
905 h
967 h
Question 4:   Express 36600 seconds in hours
h 50min
10 h 10min
h 45min
h 45min
Question 5:   Calculate the length of time between 6.13 AM and 3.42 PM
h 59min
h 49min
h 19min
h 29min
Question 6:   Calculate the length of time between 10.26 PM and 4.37 AM
h 11min
h 01min
h 01min
h 11min
Question 7:   A man walks 750 meters in 15 minutes. Find speed in km h
S=50 km h
S=3 km h
S=117 km h
S=2.25 km h
Question 8:   Express 14.65 hours in minutes
Question 9:   A man rides a bike at a speed of 15 mph and covers 37 miles. What is the traveling time?
h 28min
h 45min
h 15min
Question 10:   Car travels at a speed of 80 km h . What is the speed in m s ?
8 m s
22.22 m s
25.5 m s
16 m s