Test: 3D Shapes - Ambitious

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Question 1:   Radius of a sphere placed in a square equals   8cm  ,  find a volume of a square.
2000c m 3
512c m 3
4096c m 3
4000c m 3
Question 2:   Find the volume of a tetrahedron with the side of the basis equal to   2 2 cm  .
2c m 3
1c m 3
4 3 c m 3
8 3 c m 3
Question 3:   Calculate a volume of the pyramid, with a rhombus in the basis with diagonals   4cm   and   6cm  ,  and a height of a pyramid   10cm  .
25c m 3
35c m 3
40c m 3
30c m 3
Question 4:   A side of the basis of the triangular pyramid equals   a=4cm  ,  apothem   b=5cm  .  Find an area of the side of the pyramid.
20c m 2
45c m 2
30c m 2
10c m 2
Question 5:   Calculate a volume of a cylinder, if its height is   h=4cm  ,  and an area of the basement   S=10c m 2  .
60c m 3
50c m 3
40c m 3
30c m 3
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