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Math Quiz is a unique online service offering Maths tests with detailed solutions to the questions. The tests available on the platform comprehensively cover the mathematical topics required by the examination boards in the UK.

Math Quiz was specially designed for individuals looking to develop their knowledge and skills in Maths. The service provides an easy and comfortable Maths revision experience.

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GCSE Maths

Section for The General Certificate of Secondary Education students. GCSE level includes mathematical tests covering requirements for both Foundation and Higher GCSE. Maths tests in this category will help you prepare in fields such as algebra, arithmetics, factors, linear equations, matrices and more.

A-Level Maths

The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A-Level) is a category testing your skills in Mathematics at a high school level. You can test or revise your knowledge of the following topics: arithmetics, trigonometry, polynomials and more.

University Maths

University level offers tests at an academic level. At the moment there are tests available for complex numbers. More tests to be added in the near future.

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