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Math Quiz: Created with maths in mind

Greetings from Math Quiz Team!

We welcome everyone who appreciates the value of knowledge and those who understands that the way to perfection lies through practice.

Math Quiz Team consists of skilled mathematicians and experienced computer professionals. We came up with an idea to create Math Quiz after working on a project with MathML - an amazing rendering language based on XML that allows displaying even the most complex Maths symbols online. One day we decided to use our skills and experience to create a user-friendly online maths tests system suitable for individuals with all levels of maths proficiency.

We offer the perfect solution and a high quality resource to assist you in achieving your maths ambitions. On Math Quiz you will find the guidance you need to succeed in Maths. It is a well- used resource, however slightly different from what you maybe have met before. Spend a few minutes every day practising with Math Quiz and let your maths talents shine!

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