Progress Line

Progress Line


Looking to upgrade your Maths learning?

You are at the right place because we have the solution you need for an efficient Maths testing. Progress Line is an innovative tool specially developed by Math Quiz to help students with learning Maths. No more doubts or false assumptions about your level of maths skills - the moment of truth has come!

Learn Maths out of the box with Progress Line;
Find a coverage of GCSE Maths at one place;
Personalise Progress Line with your goals;
Develop an effective Maths revision plan;
Find where you are not 100% in Maths;
Accelerate your Maths learning and make more time for yourself;
Receive Maths recommendations;
Use maximum opportunities to study smart before exam.

What makes the Progress Line a special testing tool?

The unexpected and challenging ‘game rule’ of the Progress Line - each test, which you generate can be solved only one time. As you have only one attempt to solve each question, you will find out what your actual level of Maths knowledge is, as well as what are your true strengths and needs in Maths. To some extent, such testing technique imitates an exam mode where you have only one chance to provide a correct answer.

Still not sure what the Progress Line is and what advantages you get by using it?

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