Math Tests

Math Quiz Features

Ideal for success in Maths        

Detailed Solution

Along with a feedback on whether the given answers are correct, Math Quiz provides a detailed solution to each question that allows learning while testing.

Saving and Printing

Math Quiz users can at any time save tests and favourite questions for further revision to their personal profile. It is possible to print out the entire test and separate questions in a printer friendly format.

Test Statistics

Math Quiz provides a detailed analysis of user's test results after each test. Graphical statistics helps to visually demonstrate user's level of maths knowledge. Users are encouraged to compare their results in a particular maths topic with the other users who solved the test.

Test Settings

Customizable test settings, such as a possibility to enable a test duration timer or to set a test time limit. Users can also adapt a testing space by setting a number of test questions per page.

Control Panel

Handy control panel available in a testing space allows the user to pause or stop a test in progress, as well as to adjust a test view or track a time lapse while solving a test.

User Rankings

There are two types of user rankings on Math Quiz: The Best Mathematicians and The Most Active Users of Math Quiz, separately for each maths category (GCSE Maths, A-Level Maths and University Maths). While solving the tests on Math Quiz, users are allocated points for their performance. The engine of Math Quiz calculates user’s rank based on a weighted rating formula.

User Profile ‘Maths Space’

In ‘Maths Space’ users find a dashboard with the detailed information about their personal achievements on Math Quiz such as: user’s rank and user’s average score in a particular maths level as well as user’s overall average score. Math Quiz identifies user's strengths and needs in maths. Based on the available information Math Quiz provides a recommendation as to which topics require more practice.