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Dear students and maths enthusiasts,

The developers of Math Quiz made it their mission to break all the existing stereotypes about maths tests.

Nowadays countless mathematical resources are available on the Internet, but we believe that the best way to learn maths is to practice by solving tests.

Online testing gives you an opportunity to try your hand in a particular maths area, assess the level of your knowledge and identify your strengths and needs in maths. The mentioned aspects are useful if you are looking to develop the right personal learning strategy before the Maths exam.

The direct advantage of online testing means you have the possibility to study smart and solve test from anywhere with access to the internet.

Online testing system allows you to solve tests as many times as you need until a total grasp in a particular maths area is achieved. With each attempt, you will find that you improve your knowledge of a particular maths topic and it makes you feel more self-confident, that is a very important factor for success on Maths exam!

Math Quiz developers created this website to meet the needs of its users with different maths levels. The platform was designed to allow individuals with all maths backgrounds to improve their maths skills.

On Math Quiz users can tests their knowledge in maths by solving specially designed questions of the following categories:

  • GCSE Maths tests
  • A-Level Maths tests
  • University Maths tests

We have designed our tests to match your School/College/University Curriculum. The maths categories presented on the website comprehensively cover the maths topics, which you will study at some point.

Because maths revision should be easy and comfortable, the system allows to:

  • solve multiple choice tests,
  • accurately display maths symbols,
  • provide instant test result,
  • present an entire solution to each question (the 'Detailed Solution' feature),
  • save and print tests and questions for further revision,
  • create your personal profile (‘Your Maths Space’), where you can track your progress,
  • many other functions which you will find useful and handy.

Please go through the FAQ section to get the answers to the questions you might have about the website and try the Demo Test with all the Premium features offered by Math Quiz.

We believe in your success in Maths exam!

Yours faithfully,
Math Quiz Team